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My intention is to combine my clinical skills and education as a Classical Homeopath with the therapeutic benefits of Bach Flower Therapy as a means of bringing restorative health and well-being to my clients.

Joy Pacitto MS, CCH  Homeopath

" Had I not become a homeopath, I would be envious of anyone who had."

Gardenia jasminoides

Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of natural medicine used by an estimated 500 million people worldwide. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's self regulating systems (immune system) to initiate the healing process.

Bach Flower Questionnaire

Please take the time [2-3 minutes] to fill out the questionnaire down below and submit. This will send your results to me. We'll setup a one to one consultation to discuss the results. Then I can send you a personalized tincture based on the results.

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Answer ONLY the questions that apply to you. Reflect on how you have been feeling in the past weeks or months.


As your day begins do you have a sense of fear and anxiety of what the day will bring?
Do you feel a sense of apprehension, anticipation, or uneasiness without knowing why?
Do you worry that something bad may happen but you are not sure what?
Cherry Plum
Do you feel you may do or think something that you feel is wrong?
Are you worried that you may lose control of yourself mentally, physically or even emotionally?
Do you fear you may hurt yourself or others or become violent and explosive?
Are you shy, overly sensitive and often afraid?
Do you have fears of known things, such as illness, death, the dentist, heights, darkness, flying in an airplane, etc.?
Do you often find yourself worrying about everyday concerns like traffic, bills, being late, etc.?
Red Chestnut
Are you distressed and disturbed by other people’s problems?
Are you overly concerned and worried for your loved ones?
Do you worry that harm may come to loved ones or others you care for?
Rock Rose
Do you become helpless and frozen in the face of your fear?
Do you feel overwhelmed by feelings of terror and panic?
Do you suffer from nightmares?

Are you often seeking advice and confirmation from other people, mistrusting your own wisdom?
Do you change directions often, even after seeking advice, because you are unsure or confused?
Do you find yourself constantly questioning your own decisions and judgment?
Are you easily disheartened when faced with difficult situations?
Do you become discouraged and depressed when things go wrong?
Does your lack of confidence or enthusiasm prevent you from making an effort to accomplish something?
Do you believe that nothing can be done to relieve your pain and suffering?
Do you feel despondent and hopeless, as if its not even worthwhile to even try to make life better?
Do you lack hope that things will get better in your life and therefore make no effort to improve your circumstances?
Do you feel overworked or bored with your life?
Do you tend to procrastinate, putting off some tasks, while easily accomplishing those that are more enjoyable?
Do you often feel too tired to face the day ahead?
Do you find it difficult to decide when faced with a choice of two possibilities?
Do you lack concentration, always fidgety and nervous?
Do your moods change from one extreme to another: joy to sadness, optimism to pessimism, laughing to crying?
Wild Oat
Do you find yourself in a complete state of uncertainty over major life decisions?
Do you find yourself in a complete state of uncertainty over major life decisions?
Do you have ambition but feel that life is passing you by?
Insufficient interest in present circumstances

Chestnut Bud
Do you fail to learn from your own experiences or from listening to other people's experiences?
Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again such as choosing the wrong type of partner or staying in a job you dislike?
Do you notice that you keep repeating the same mistakes and patterns in life, without moving forward?
Are you drowsy and listless, with the urge to sleep more often than necessary?
Do you find yourself preoccupied and dreamy, unable to concentrate for any length of time?
Do you often feel spacey and absent minded?
Do you find yourself often thinking about the past and getting caught up in past regrets?
Are you unable to change present circumstances because you are always looking back and never forward?
Do you find yourself living in the past, nostalgic and homesick for the "way it was"?
Do you feel a deep gloom that seems to quickly descend for no apparent reason and lifts just as suddenly?
Do you feel depressed without knowing why?
Do you feel your moods swinging back and forth?
Are you totally drained of all energy with no reserves left finding it difficult to carry on?
Do you feel utterly and completely exhausted, both physically and mentally?
Have you been through a long period of illness, stress or strain with no relief?
White Chestnut
Are you unable to sleep at times because your mind seems to be cluttered with mental arguments that go round and round?
Do you relive unhappy events or arguments over and over again?
Do you find your head full of persistent, unwanted thoughts that prevent concentration?
Wild Rose
Are you apathetic and resigned to whatever may happen in your life?
Do you have the attitude, "I will just go along because it doesn't matter anyway"?
Do you lack the motivation to improve the quality of your life?

Do you believe others think you are totally self-absorbed, concerned only about your story, your problems and ailments?
Do you dislike being alone because you prefer to talk to someone or others?
Do you talk a lot, feeling better when conversations end up focusing on you and your interests?
Are you impatient and irritable with others who seem to do things too slowly for you?
Do you feel a sense of urgency in everything you do, always rushing to get through things?
Do you prefer to work alone?
Water Violet
Do you appear to others to be aloof and overly proud?
Do you bear your grief and sorrow privately and in silence?
Do you have tendency to be withdrawn and prefer to be alone when faced with too many distractions?
Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas

Do you become upset by arguments and quarrels, often "giving in" to avoid any conflict?
Do you hide your worries behind a cheerful, smiling face in an attempt to conceal your pain from others?
When you feel life’s pressures becoming too much, do you often turn to alcohol, drugs, over-eating or other ways to help you cope?
Do you often neglect your own needs in order to please others?
Do you tend to be timid, shy and easily influenced by those with a stronger personality than yourself?
Is it hard to say no to those who constantly impose upon your good nature?
Are you full of jealousy, mistrust, or hate?
Do you feel strong anger toward other people?
Are you suspicious of others, feeling that people have "ulterior motives"?
Do you find people or situations sometimes drain your energy?
Are you experiencing any change in your life–a move, new job, loss of a loved one, new relationship, divorce, puberty, menopause, or giving up an addiction?
Do you need to make a break from strong forces or attachments in your life that may be holding you back?
Despondency or despair

Crab Apple
Are you embarrassed and ashamed of yourself physically, finding yourself unattractive?
Are you obsessed with cleanliness in yourself or your surroundings?
Do you tend to concentrate on small conditions such as pimples, marks or a part of your body that you don't like?
Are you often overwhelmed by your responsibilities?
Do you become depressed and exhausted when faced with your everyday commitments?
Do you feel its too difficult to handle the many tasks on your plate ?
Do you lack self-confidence?
Do you feel inferior and often become discouraged?
Are you so sure that you will fail that you do not even attempt things?
Are you exhausted but feel the need to struggle on against all odds?
Do you have a strong sense of duty and dependability, carrying on no matter what obstacles stand in your way?
Do you neglect your own needs to complete a task?
Are you full of guilt and self-reproach?
Do you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong, including the mistakes of others?
Do you set overly high standards for yourself, never satisfied with your achievements?
Star of Bethlehem
Are you numbed or withdrawn as a result of recent traumatic events in your life?
Have you suffered a loss or grief that you have never recovered from?
Have you suffered a shock in your life such as an accident, loss of a loved one, terrible news, illness?
Sweet Chestnut
Do you feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel for you?
Do you feel that you have reached the limits of what you could possible endure?
Do you suffer from extreme mental or emotional anguish?
Do you feel life is unfair and find yourself taking less and less interest in the things you used to enjoy?
Do you feel resentful and bitter?
Do you have difficulty forgiving and forgetting?
Over-care for the welfare of others

Are you annoyed by the habits and shortcomings of others?
Do you find yourself being overly critical and intolerant, usually looking for what someone has done wrong?
Does the foolishness and incompetence of others irritate you?
Are you possessive and manipulative of those you care for, feeling you know what is best for them?
Do you need to feel that you are needed by others?
Do you suffer because you feel unloved and unappreciated by loved ones or those close to you?
Rock Water
Are you extremely disciplined in your approach to life, always striving for perfection?
Are you overly concerned with diet, exercise, work, and spiritual disciplines?
Do you set high personal standards and take pride in setting a good example for others?
Do you feel so energetic and driven that you often cannot sleep?
Do you have strong opinions and try to convince others of them?
Are you sensitive to injustice and dedicated to causes almost to the point that others think is extreme?
Are you strong-willed and ambitious but may appear aggressive and domineering to others?
Do you consider yourself a natural leader?
Do you tend to take charge of meetings, projects and other situations?

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